Gaming Rules-Casino-Roulette

1. Roulette is European style roulette with number distribution as depicted above, there are totally 37 spaces for the bead to drop into (0 to 36). 2.The Roulette will spin clockwise direction, once the counter of the game stops, the dealer will spin the bead in the side of the Roulette, finally the bead will drop into a space with a specific number.
3.The aim of this Roulette game is to predict the bead which dropped into the possibility of colors (Red or Black), specific numbers or number combination.

How to bet
1.Roulette table consists of a betting area, 3 columns x 12 rows with numbers from 1~36, which are colored black & red. It is identical with the roulette wheel. There are many different bets: Straight bet, 2 number bet, Trio bet, The Corner Bet, The 6 number bet, Dozen bet, Column bet, Red or Black, Even or Odd & High or Low. There is no restriction to bet, player can bet whatever he wants. On the upper right hand corner of your computer, we will show the number of the recent spin, normally, if a certain number has not appeared in a while, it may be a good time to bet on that number since the possibility of that number to come up is high. (Below are the odds example that not including the capital)

2.Roulette has different kinds of betting columns, each column has its Minimum Bet setting (Details in the page of "Limits"). For more convenience, when the stake is below the minimum bet, system will add up the stake to reach the minimum bet requirement automatically.

3.Example: If you play the Roulette on the Table Limit of (Maximum: 20000/Minimum: 50), the minimum bet on the column of "ODD/EVEN" is $500, when you place the bet with $100 (Below the Minimum Bet $500) on "ODD/EVEN" column. Because the stake is below the Minimum Bet, Game System will add up your stake to the Minimum Bet requirement ($500) automatically.

Type of Bets Odds (stake not included)
Straight Bets 1:35
Split Bets 1:17
Trio Bets 1:11
The Corner Bets 1:8
The 6 Number Bet 1:5
The Dozen Bet 1:2
Bet on "0" 1:35
Column Bet 1:2
Section Bet 1:3
Low-Odd / Low-Even or High-Odd / High-Even Bet
High-Red / Low-Red or High-Black / Low-Black Bet
Red or Black 1:1
High or Low
Even or Odd